Coastal Commission Hearing Delay – Gleason Beach

“The California Department of Transportation has requested a postponement of the hearing for a Coastal Development Permit from the California Coastal Commission at the scheduled May 10, 2018 meeting in Santa Rosa for the Highway 1 Gleason Beach Realignment Project (Sonoma County). The postponement allows for more time to address new information and community concerns in order to move the project forward. Caltrans is fully committed to working in partnership with Sonoma County, the California Coastal Commission and the California Transportation Commission to meet Coastal Act and Sonoma County Local Coastal Program policy requirements and to safely maintain the connectivity of coastal communities. The project site has experienced severe erosion in recent decades, chronically threatening and closing Highway 1; this realignment will not only move the roadway away from the coastal hazard area, but also protect and enhance coastal resources, public access, and sensitive habitats. The project aims to be an exemplary model of effective collaboration to meet State mandates to address climate change, particularly sea level rise, long-term protection of coastal resources, and safe access and connectivity along Highway 1.”
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