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Celebrating the Initiative Process

“All political power is inherent in the people.  Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require.” Article II, section 1, Constitution of the State of California.

Article II, section 1 of our California Constitution provides that all political power is inherent in the people. (See above).
Section II describes the initiative process as one of the principle methods of alteration or reform at the county level when our government refuses, fails or neglects to provide for the public good.

We have two county-wide initiatives on our June ballot.  Getting on the ballot is a rigorous process and requires thousands of signatures of Napa County’s voters so all may vote on the proposed new law. Recently, numerous elected and appointed officials, as well as those aspiring to public office, denigrate this precious constitutional right we have as California citizens.

Now the Napa Valley Register editorializes on Measures C and D parroting the same, public relations party line that law is better made by our elected officials with input from the community and stakeholders,…

The initiative process must be used when our government refuses, fails or neglects to provide for the common good. Lack of respect for the public good of the citizens of this county that has led in large part to their putting two initiative measures on our June ballot. Lack of respect for citizens is one thing. But lack of respect for our constitution is a quality unworthy of any government official here in Napa County, particularly when they have been sworn in to uphold our constitution.

Kathy Felch

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It’s a movement!
Protect our air, our water, our hillsides,
Protect our Democracy!

Letter to the Editor, Napa Valley RegisterSupervisors are an extension of the Wine Industry.“Here is a challenge: Provide a list of any and all times in the past five years when the Napa Board of Supervisors took a stand contrary to wine industry wishes.

Having trouble finding examples? That is why the writers of Measure C, the Watershed and Oak Woodlands Protection Ordinance were forced to resort to the initiative process….” Nancy Tamarisk Read more.

Letter to the editor, Napa Valley RegisterAnti-Conservation Forces Mis-frame the Measure C Debate. “The million-dollar war chest that conservation opponents have gathered is going into inventing things to make voters fearful of not deforesting the hills. Yes, not deforesting will cause bad things to happen, they assert, claiming that not mowing down trees will hurt farmers, hit taxpayers in the pocketbook, and cause traffic to increase.

By reversing the argument and claiming that gross harm will come from protecting nature, and further asserting that the greatest harms are the unknown “unintended consequences,” the conservation opponents are sowing fear even of things they haven’t invented.” Roland Dumas. Read more.

Letter to the editor, Weekly Calistogan: “If the government won’t set limits, residents will.” “Measure C is about more than saving trees and water. It’s about recognizing that there are limits in Napa County.” Don Williams. Read more.

“This is who we are. The everyday folks who live and work in the Valley. ”
— Iris Barrie. You can meet her at the Napa Farmer’s Market.


You may have seen our homemade “Yes on D” signs around town, our card table set up at the Farmer’s Markets, or one of your neighbors handing out fliers describing this measure. This is who we are.  The everyday folks who live and work in the Valley.  The people who want all planes to land at regulated, safe airports.  The people who want a quiet, peaceful environment for ourselves and the animals who share our land. READ MORE.

Facts: Heliport Measure D:

As in initiative, Measure D received 6,072 signatures, successfully landing it on the ballot. This was over 140% more signatures than required, providing some insight into how Napa County residents value our peace and quiet! Yet monied interests are vowing to defeat it, including State Senator Dodd, who signed erroneous arguments against Measure D and will not attend public comment sessions to explain why. 

Measure D prevents the proliferation of private heliports and helicopter taxi services in the County.  That’s it. It does nothing to change existing regulations which allow police, fire, PG&E and emergency service operations.


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Only you can restore Democracy to Napa County! A big THANK YOU to all of you who support informed Citizens’ voices!

Getting the Word out to fellow voters on Measures C and D is critically important to counteract the false truths the opposition is fabricating. We need canvassers and people to table at Farmers’ Markets on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. 

Correction: In our last e-blast, we incorrectly stated that the League of Women Voters endorsed Yes on Measure D.  The League of Women Voters as a matter of course does not endorse measures or candidates but provides forums for discussion. 

Partial List of Measure D Endorsements:

Democrats of Napa Valley Club
Northbay Association of Realtors
Get a Grip on Growth
Protect Rural Napa
Sierra Club of Napa County
Napa Vision 2050

Smile Spotlight: King of the Rock in Napa

Rusty Cohn caught these turtles fighting for king of the rock in the beaver pond.

Community Meetings & Events

Upcoming Town Hall Meeting:
May 2, League of Women Voters Election Forum
Unitarian Universalist Church, Napa, 7 pm
May 9, Measure D, Native Sons, St. Helena, 6:30 pm
May 10 -Town Hall Meeting, Napa, Horseman’s Club, 7 pm

Wednesday, May 9, Napa Main Library. Click here for more info.

2018 Water Symposium
Community Conversations

Date: Thu, May 17th 2018, 8:30am – 3:00pm

Location: Building 1200, Little Theater, Napa Valley College, 2277 Napa Vallejo Hwy, Napa 94558

Suscol Intertribal Council, in Sponsorship with Napa Valley College Office of Equity and Inclusivity, invite you to:

A public discussions with informed speakers to learn about California’s water crisis. Click here for more information.

Community led brainstrom for courses of action and creative solutions

$40 donaitons – Free admission to students


Wine & Water Watch with Napa Vision 2050

What’s on those vines? What’s on the school yard? What’s in our groundwater? And what’s with the cancer rates?

Organic Versus Pesticides.
May 12, 2018, Center for Spiritual Living, Napa.

PAM STRAYER, organic & Biodynamic wine researcher/writer
MEDHA CHANDRA, Pesticide Action Network North America

This is a FREE event, however donations are welcome.
Reservations are suggested as space is limited to 100 persons.

Click here for more information.

                 Help us provide the legal and technical information                    necessary to defend our community: