Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, stop letting the wine industry write their own regulations

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, stop letting the wine industry write their own regulations. We reported earlier that Tennis Wick, head of Permit Sonoma was quoted as saying the county is letting the wine industry write their own winery event and tasting rooms regulations ( . The Supervisors has postponed this long enough. Please consider signing the Preserve Rural Sonoma County’s petition to the supervisors.

Preserve Rural Sonoma CountyGreetings,
Although we agreed to stop the letters from clogging the Board of Supes emails, we still need to collect signatures on the petition.  We have a new link (the petition only) and we need your help sharing this with friends, allies or members (if you’re part of an organization). We cannot deliver a petition with a few hundred names on it — we need at least 1,000 names!!!  You can use this message below and add your own if you like, but please share it widely. Put on your Facebook page if you have one, or just send a plea to your local list. Thanks for your help!
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Worsening traffic, deteriorating road safety, three million pounds of toxic pesticides sprayed annually on local vineyards. These are just a few of the issues that have put Sonoma County’s quality of life at risk. We need to send a message to the Board of Supervisors to let them know we want them to STOP issuing permits for more winery event centers and tasting room development until they pass the Winery Event Ordinance they promised back in 2016.  

Please sign our petition today and remind our Board of Supervisors that they were elected to represent and protect ALL residents, not just the special interests of the wine industry. Click to sign:

We believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to balance economic growth with resource protection for the benefit of future generations.

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