Yes on Napa County Measure C, protect the watershed



The health of our watershed is key to our water supply. With the valley floor being essentially planted out in wine grapes, developers are clear-cutting oak trees on the hillsides that surround the valley, in the areas zoned AW – Agricultural Watershed. Deforestation of watershed oak woodlands and around streams and wetlands increases soil erosion, decreases year-round water availability, and reduces water quality.

The Watershed and Oak Woodland Protection Committee collaborated with the Napa Valley Vintners to create a ballot initiative that protects the watershed woodlands and streams from harmful development. That initiative qualified for the June 2018 ballot.

The initiative does three things that are vital to our water and watershed: It establishes “no-cut” water quality buffer zones along streams and wetlands where forests cannot be disturbed. It strengthens the current requirements for replacing the value of destroyed trees. And it establishes a limit on oak woodlands that can be taken from our County’s watershed areas. Measure C protects the water and the environment for every Napa resident, current and future, for every business operating in Napa, including grape growers and vintners. Read more and take action: