GSA Basin Boundary Modifications Submission Period Extended to September

In Sonoma County, 2 new basins have been potentially been added and the medium basins have been designated high priority basins. This is still a work in progress. Once finalized the GSA basin panels will have the authority of imminent domain, monitoring and charging fees to all well users, be able to pass capital improvements and more.   

Modifications Submission Period Extended to September

The Department of Water Resources has extended the Basin Boundary Modifications submission period to September 28, 2018, in response to comments received on the Draft 2018 SGMA Basin Prioritization. The extension will allow additional opportunity for local agencies to consider basin boundary modifications that support and promote sustainable groundwater management.

This extension affects the timeline for finalizing both Basin Boundary Modifications and 2018 SGMA Basin Prioritization. The schedule for Basin Prioritization has been updated accordingly. Please be reminded that until prioritizations are finalized, the 2014 CASGEM Basin Prioritization continues to define SGMA priority basins.

Additional information is available on the Basin Boundary Modifications webpage. All information to support basin boundary modifications must be submitted on the Basin Boundary Modifications Request System. For more information, contact Dane Mathis at or (559) 230-3354.

  • September 28, 2018: Deadline for Basin Boundary Modifications submissions.
  • November 2018: Expected release of Draft 2018 Basin Boundary Modifications.
  • February 2019: Expected release of Final 2018 Basin Boundary Modifications.