Meeting on Sonoma Co. changes to housing ordinance

Remember this also includes weakening CEQA, California Environmental Quality Act for the building industry. We had the same areas burn down twice due to poor planning and another huge development (Chanate) being pushed through that will add another layer of heavy traffic and gridlock WHEN another fire happens. The county’s response to the Tubbs fire has been heavily criticized. Please speak or email your concerns, this is our home. Email link below.  

Meeting on Sonoma Co. changes to housing ordinance

“Permit Sonoma” will hold a meeting on how to reduce constraints and expand opportunities for housing development in the county.   Links to docs are below.

Please join Permit Sonoma staff for a discussion of several new housing initiatives to be brought before the Planning Commission later this summer. 

These changes include:

  • Simplification of development standards for multi-family housing projects
  • A new Workforce Housing Combining Zone to allow for higher density housing near jobs and transit and in urban service areas
  • A new housing type, Cottage Housing Developments, to provide for “missing middle” housing types in urban service areas
  • Use of a new “density units” concept to encourage more, smaller rental units
  • Codification of the condominium conversion policy that exists in the General Plan, and better protections for residents in rental mobile home parks that are converted to ownership parks

Speak up now …

Permit Sonoma is introducing a series of housing initiatives designed to reduce constraints and expand opportunities for housing development. 

July 11 Public Workshop – meeting time updated and meeting materials are now available

Please join us on Wednesday, July 11 at 5:30 pm in the Permit and Resource Management Department Hearing Room (2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa) for this public workshop, and see the website for meeting materials and more information. 

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