Wine Industry continues expansion with no cumulative impacts reports on the area or event study promised by Supes 3 years ago..

Three years ago we were promised an event study in heavily impacted areas by winery events. Not a peep from the supervisors. Is this the new trend, only the rich wine buyers are wanted in this county? All this on a 1.15 acre parcel. This is not ag promotion, this is commercial/industrial wine “shopping complex” for the wealthy tourists.

Please consider writing comments on this permit application. Most permits sail through the process due to lack of public input.

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APN# 131-170-043, Hawkes Winery

6738 & 6734 Hwy 128, Healdsburg

revised Referral (Formerly File No.: UP17-0041) to Agencies and jurisdictions for a requested Use Permit modification and Design Review to 1) remodel and expand an existing tasting room by increasing the 1,450 square foot building to 7,600 square feet in size, 2) relocate the existing parking area, and 3) include ag promotional events and add pre-prepared “small bites” for food and wine pairings in the tasting room, on a 1.15 acre parcel located on a Scenic Corridor and Scenic Landscape Unit. The construction of a new residence with detached garage/art studio is a separate permit application (ADR18-0011) 

“… We believe high-end, seated tastings and food pairings – rather than an increase in the total number of customers – is the future of our business.  This remodel proposes a building that will accommodate this new approach. .. “

Please direct questions or comments to the project planner by August 17, 2018 at
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