Before Fire Strikes: How to Prepare Your Home & Create a Resilient Rural Landscape

UCCE Presents:

Before Fire Strikes: How to Prepare Your Home & Create a Resilient Rural Landscape

Friday, August 24, 2018 |  Shone Farm 9:00am to 4:30pm

Are you concerned by the threat of wildfire to your community? 

Are you wondering what steps you can take to prepare your home or land? 
If so, this workshop is for you!
Our ability to live more safely in California’s high fire-hazard environment depends upon our pre-fire activities.  Much of Sonoma County is considered a high fire-hazard environment, consisting of urban areas and communities adjacent to wildlands as well as privately owned range and forestlands.   This workshop is designed for both urban/suburban homeowners AND rangeland/forest property owners. 

UC Cooperative Extension, Sonoma County is committed helping build a more resilient community through our research and educational workshops on natural resource management pre/post wildfire. Attendees will learn how wildfires operate in Sonoma County’s wildland urban interface, how to maintain a fire safe community, and what natural resource management strategies best improve the survivability of people, property, and homes.
Join UCCE Sonoma to learn:
        • How wildfires operate
        • Fire safe communities
        • Brainstorm policy recommendations
        • Urban & Suburban Homeowners
                • Home hardening & defensible space protocols
                • Produce safety & soil health post fire
                • Tree evaluation
          Range & Forest property owners
                • Prescriptive fire
                • Grazing as a management tool
                • Sudden Oak Death and fire
                • Potential funding sources for land management practice

          $15 fee includes morning refreshments and lunch

          Michelle Nozzari, Sr. Agricultural Program Assistant | UC Cooperative Extension |
          County of Sonoma | (707) 565-2050  |