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Normally we don’t post comments from our readers on our front page however, this commenter expresses how most feel eloquently. Thank you commenter Steph! Your post would be a great letter to the editor.

There is something wrong when we elect a leader who wants to take our country back to the ‘good ole’ days of air and water pollution. To a time where we soak our crops in dangerous chemicals before we eat our food, enjoy driving down the road in smog with the windows down and believe healthy living is just a suggestion, not a right.

This generation and all further generations should NEVER have to endure the ignorance and greed of our current administration. How they can even show their faces for the decisions they’re making. It’s just a show of their mind blowing ignorance and all out greed.

Our future should not be polluted lakes and streams, dirty air and water, the killing of our wildlife habitats, nor any other evil method of making money the Trump administration can come up with. People will die from the rollback of these regulations. He needs to sit down with his family for dinner and drink a big glass of tainted water from Flint, eat from grapes or other foods coated with pesticides and be in the room when a hard working man dies after years of breathing in asbestos or coal ash.

This isn’t a joke. It’s real life. It affects all Americans. Even you Mr. Trump. We have only one world to live on. If we continue this idea that our health, wealth and well being will always be there despite the changes happening around us, we may find out too soon just how wrong we are.