Attack on CEQA by Rep Jim Woods

Dear Mr. Sweeney

Your editorial, in the Press  Democrat, denigrating CEQA and supporting Jim Woods attempt at buildout – without necessary environmental review is way off the mark.

There are developers, loggers, real estate folks, and farms that all hate CEQA.  Why? Because you actually have to disclose, look at, and remedy issues that effect the environment and the public (our way of life).  You actually claim there are well known flaws in CEQA.  Please explain this assumption. Tell me what these flaws are.

In the case of Mr. Woods failed attempt to avoid CEQA  – with this vast development concept, It is a well know fact that Mr. Wood has demonstrated his lack of understanding of the law as well of actions necessary for recovery and future protection from wildfire events (and other catastrophies).  In fact, CEQA should help with future planing to address these issues.
Is it actually the informed decision making process that you have a problem with?

Additionally, Mr. Wood supported and was instrumental in passing SB 901 – a supposed wildfire resiliency  bill that will not bring resiliency or any sort of path that we are looking for that would solve these issues and threats. In fact, this Bill would calls for mechanical fuel ladder reduction that will not work and will be very expensive. Almost all the areas subject to recent wildfire events were chaparral, brush, mixed woodland areas that are subject to rapid regeneration after fire events.  Are these vast areas to be treated every 3 years?  Will the money spent (hundreds of millions of dollars – some taken from the Cap and Trade proceeds) actually show benefits?  Have you or Mr. Wood really looked at the science?

Other negative effects of SB 901 allow for unreviewed or monitored road building, and vast logging projects that will receive no public or agency review – and – a complicated/wanky treatment of issues related to PG & E.

If you and Mr. Wood actually did some research and investigation – you all might stumble on better solutions.


Alan Levine
Alan Levine
Coast Action Group
Affiliate of Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance
126 Steiner Ct.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404