Gov. Brown, please don’t sign SB901. Call his office 916-445-2841

SB 901 (Dodd) is bad news Governor Brown. Pushed by Rep. Jim Woods, and reluctantly backed by Senator Mike McGuire, it allows road building for exemptions related to timber harvest (also exempted)  and chapparal/brush removal – without agency or public review.

It allows for Working Forest Management Plans (2,500 acres to 10.000 acres) –  timber harvest plans in perpetuity – without future review or
upgrades – where ownerships can be aggregated to evade CEQA and future rules changes Carbon and Water Quality considerations have been removed from the Working Forest Management Plan

PG & E is let off the hook despite the share holders receiving dividends every quarter.

Fuel load reduction material to be burned in biogeneration – to be paid for out of Cap and Trade money that could be better used for more impactive environmental remediation.

Clears the way to cut without oversight the larger threes that actually suppress and survive wildfires.