Still time to stop AB 901, bad forestry bill

From Coast Action Group:

Email Gov Brown at:

Dear Governor Brown

I write you in opposition of SB 901.  I realize that there are wildfire issues that need  to be addressed.
I write you as a forestland manager (advisory) for 73,000 acres of forestlands on the north coast and having read and participated in hundreds of timber harvest and management plans. And – also as the successful litigator of the original Working Forest Management Plan regulations.

SB 901 will not move forward in the attainment of the objectives you are seeking – resilient and productive forests.  In fact, SB 901 , signed into law by you will result in reduction of forest, forest productivity and resiliency, other and water quality values.

New SB 901 language removes language for the description of how sediment and erosion problems are to be dealt with.  This is damaging to waters of the State and water supply issues.    Additionally, there is a conflict in the Bill language where compliance with other State Code is mandated.  Cal Water Code, and CEQA,  mandates  description of conditions and mitigation of issues damaging to the resource.

Additionally, SB 901 really does not support the fuel load, and fuel ladder, situations that need to be dealt with.  Instead, the Bill permits un-monitored  reduction of forest inventories.  That is loss of carbon needed to mitigate climate effects.

Yes – there needs to be better administration of our forests and other wildlands  – without allowing for their destruction.
SB 901 is not helping.