Attention all “tree huggers”…..learn to read timber harvest permits/documents in webinar

SCHEDULED for OCTOBER 22, 1:00-3:00 PM

CalTREES Public Training Workshop

California Timber Regulation and Environmental Evaluation System

Location:  Resources Auditorium – 1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento, CA

Webcast:  The workshop will be webcast for those who cannot attend in person.  Register here to access the live webcast:

The webcast will be recorded, posted to the CalTREES website, and available for viewing at any time.  

Clear cutting our forests.

Workshop Topic:  This workshop will fully cover the CalTREES functions to search and review harvesting permit documents This workshop will not include information pertaining to entering or processing harvesting documents in CalTREES.  A different session will be set up for that purpose at another time. 

Target Audience:  Members of the general public who will use CalTREES to access submitted timber harvesting documents and related information.  

Background:  Starting in November, the CalTREES team will be releasing the CalTREES on-line functionality for the public to search and review all timber harvesting documents, current and past.  The search feature in CalTREES will provide search criteria such as document type, document number, county, date range, etc., that can be entered to assist in locating documents.  Once this functionality goes live, the THP FTP Library will no longer be updated, but it will remain operational with historical documents until December 31, 2018.  For CalTREES FAQs, visit: