Food & Water Watch Sues over water bill, “We’re suing in CA over shady $11B water deal!”

Food & Water Watch Sues: “We’re suing in CA over shady $11B water deal!”

For over five years, we’ve been fighting every step of the way, with you by our side, to stop Jerry Brown from making Californians pay for his massive water tunnels that will mainly benefit corporate agribusinesses.

And even though Governor Brown colluded with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to approve an $11 billion downpayment for the tunnels earlier this year, the fight isn’t over.

Not only is Metropolitan’s funding committment for the Delta tunnels a huge waste of SoCal resident dollars — it’s also illegal. That’s why we’re suing the Metropolitan Water District.

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We found that the approved Metropolitan funding violates taxpayer protection provisions in Propositions 26 and 13 of California’s constitution.1

Proposition 26 makes it unconstitutional for water ratepayers and taxpayers to subsidize out-of-district water users — including agribusinesses — and Proposition 13 requires a two-thirds approval from voters before property taxes can be raised — which is exactly what Metropolitan plans on doing in addition to rate hikes! 

Metropolitan’s financing blatantly violates Prop 26 by sticking Southern Californians with most of the bill for Brown’s multi-billion dollar tunnels project that will mainly benefit corporate agribusinesses in Kern County.

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Californians deserve real water solutions, not corporate schemes proposed by sell-out politicians.

Invalidating the funding secured by Metropolitan will be a massive blow to the financial viability of the project. Help us win this legal battle so we can try to bury this project once and for all!

From our fights in the California legislature to protect people from water shutoffs to our fight in the courts, we look forward to continue working with you to disrupt corporate water schemes and ensure that Californians have access to safe, clean and affordable water.

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Onward together,

Adam Scow
California Director
Food & Water Watch

1. Watchdogs Sue Methropolitan Water District Over Delta Tunnel Financing, Maven’s Notebook, September 10, 2018.

We’ll never take money from the corporations that got us into this mess. Not one cent. 
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