South East Greenway Update, bike and pedestrian plan

City of Santa Rosa
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update

Community Open House
Thursday, November 8
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Finley Community Center
Person Senior Wing
2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa

The City will present the Draft Plan Update for review and feedback. They will discuss policy, program and project recommendations and review their project prioritization and implementation strategy. The Plan will guide the development of the Greenway’s paths for bikes and walkers and how they connect to the community.
The Plan Update 2018 is a critical tool in building a citywide trans- portation system that is bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The goal of the Plan Update is to encou- rage residents to bike and walk and to make Santa Rosa a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly city.
Please attend this third and final Community Open House!


SE Greenway supports:

Vote Yes on Measure M

If you love our outdoor spaces in Sonoma County, be sure to vote YES on Measure M in the November election. Measure M is a modest 1/8 of a cent sales tax that will generate 11.5 million annually for our county and city parks. That’s 3 cents on every $25 purchase. Measure M funds will be used to fix and maintain important parks infrastructure while allowing for new trails and park features like the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway. If passed with two-thirds of the vote countywide, Measure M would be in effect for 10 years.