Supporters of forest and watershed, day in court to stop logging Oct. 10th, tuesday

Supporters of Forest Unlimited,

There is a hearing this Wednesday, October 10, at 3 pm in Judge Chouteau’s courtroom #18. This is located at the Empire College extension on Cleveland Avenue just north of Coddingtown. 

As you know, this is the second round of contesting a timber plan with intent to log mature trees entirely within the floodplain of the Gualala River. In the first round, Friends of Gualala River, Forest Unlimited, and the California Native Plant Society prevailed.  Rather than log in more appropriate forests areas, GRT (Gualala Redwoods Timber, Inc.) has tried a second time to log in the floodplain, now called Dogwood II. 

The issues will be almost the same as last time:  Inadequate Cumulative Impacts Assessment and inadequate or missing plant surveys of rare floodplain flora.

If you can come to the hearing to support Gualala River, Friends of Gualala River, or Forest Unlimited that would be great. Otherwise, we will let you know how it went.

Thank you.


Larry Hanson, Board President
Forest Unlimited