Arsenic in RoundUp. It’s Not Just the Glyphosate.

The wine industry uses non organic arsenic for color and smell. In organic arsenic bioaccumulates in our bodies and the UN Health Organization has issued warnings. 

Food Integrity Now:

Arsenic in RoundUp. It’s Not Just the Glyphosate.

We know that glyphosate the active ingredient in RoundUp, and the many other glyphosate-based herbicides, have been found to have many detrimental health effects to humans, animals, and the environment. What happens when you throw arsenic and other heavy metals into that mixture?

Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini and team., published a peer-reviewed paper in January this year showing that heavy metals including arsenic, chromium, cobalt, lead and nickel, which are known to be toxic, were found in virtually all of the 14 glyphosate-based formulas they tested. Arsenic was used as a pesticide right after World War II but was banned to use as a pesticide in 1973. Interestingly enough, in 1974, glyphosate was introduced in the market place!

For years the focus has been on glyphosate, which is essentially the only ingredient tested by the EPA.  The EPA does not test co-formulas, just the declared active ingredient. Are you kidding me? How can they possibly say glyphosate is safe without testing the entire formula? Of course, Monsanto has not listed arsenic as an ingredients–they just say there are other “inert ingredients.” Professor Seralini won’t even call arsenic an inert ingredient, it is part of the co-formula and makes glyphosate-based herbicides like RoundUp 1,000 time more toxic. Most formulas of the herbicide only contain about 41-42% glyphosate. What about the rest of the ingredients? Seralini and others feel it is fraud not to declare these other ingredients. Is the truth hidden in plain sight? You decide.

Today, Food Integrity Now spoke with Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America to help make sense of what all of this means and why you should care. Listen to this critical information shared today and we would love to hear your comments below.