Friends of Graton formed to oppose industrial cannabis grow

Hello Supporters –

We have a name – Friends of Graton or FOG.


We suggest emails to support that Sonoma County Regional Park trails be considered as public parks in the cannabis ordinance. Currently, regional park trails, such as the West County Trail (aka Joe Rodota), are considered transportation corridors, not public parks. Lynda Hopkins has already expressed support for this and now we can support her.

Please write to Bert Whitaker, Director of Regional Parks, and Lynda Hopkins, to request that the cannabis ordinance be amended to ensure setbacks from pot grows and commercial cannabis facilities to regional park trails.

Be concise and clear in your email. Put your most important point in the first sentence. Choose a Subject Line of UPC18-0044/ Trails are Parks to indicate what your email is about.

Here are some points you may want to consider in crafting your email.

– All Sonoma County Regional Trails should be classified as “public parks” in the cannabis ordinance, including the West County Regional Trail (aka Joe Rodota,

where a commercial cannabis operation has already been proposed) between Grey St. and Occidental Rd., the most beautiful and un-spoiled stretch of the trail.

-The public uses regional trails as linear parks for recreating outside and enjoying nature. Regional trails are easily accessible and popular.

-Users of the trail are sensitive populations, including, children, families, pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled. These users need to be protected from the negative impacts of pot grows and commercial cannabis operations (crime, odor, security issues, fencing, lighting, loss of view shed, among others).

-Explain how you, your family, and your friends use the trail. Describe how the operation of a commercial cannabis operation or cannabis grow area next to the regional trail will directly affect you.

Thanks again for all the support. We have 300 signatures on our petition and about the same number on our email list.

Anna Ransome