Climate Change solutions: How Germany could have removed 15% of the world’s CO2 emissions

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The Treesolution:  How Germany could have removed 15% of the world’s CO2 emissions instead of being Europe’s largest burner of coal

Last week the Guardian wrote that emissions must drop 45% by 2030 to restrict global warming to 1.5°C. Instead, they go up. Germany spent EUR 160 billion over five years to shift to renewables, but emissions have stagnated at 2009 levels. Why spend all this money when nature has given us the perfect tool to remove mankind’s CO2 pollution – the tree?

By planting trees on fertile land, we can somewhat improve our planet’s CO2 absorption capacity – but this risks land grabbing. Miracles happen when we restore barren land. There are 2 billion hectares of degraded land; this land was covered by trees and was fertile, productive, but today it isn’t.
In 2003 we founded Groasis to realise the Treesolution: restore all degraded land to eradicate hunger, mitigate water scarcity, and lessen climate change. The Groasis Technology allows planting of degraded land without using irrigation and at substantially lower costs. It’s been proven over 15 years in 43 countries.

If Germany would have invested her EUR 160 billion in the Groasis Technology, then we’d have restored 330 million hectares of land, removed 5 billion tonnes of CO2 (15% of global CO2 emissions) and created 300 million jobs (reducing migration pressures). Continue this for another 35 years and we could restore 2 billion hectares land and neutralise mankind’s total annual CO2 emissions.
We could remove historical CO2 emissions and bring CO2 back to pre-industrial revolution levels. Imagine this impact – just with the money that Germany spent over the last 5 years!

Wout Hoff, Groasis

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About Groasis: Groasis was founded by Mr. Pieter Hoff. In 2003 he invented a technology to enable planting on degraded land with less water, at low costs and resulting in high survival rate. The technology has been perfected over the last decade and proven in 42 countries on 6 continents. In 2016 Groasis was awarded the status of “National Icon” by the Dutch Government for being one of the three most sustainable companies that support economic growth. In 2017 the UN World Food Program selected Groasis as a partner to help them reach their ‘Zero hunger by 2030’ challenge. In September 2018 Groasis was crowned as the most innovative company of the Netherlands by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

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