FOG UPDATE #13 – Supervisors Hearing Tips for Tomorrow


FOG UPDATE #13 – Supervisors Hearing Tips for Tomorrow

Hello Supporters,
Hopefully you have sent emails to the supervisors to support the designation of the Joe Rodota and West County Trails as parks. There is still time and all the information is available in FOG Update #12, including the emails for the district aides who will facilitate your emails being viewed before the hearing.

A few tips about the hearing tomorrow at 8:30 am at the Board of Supervisors hearing room, 575 Administration Dr., Santa Rosa:

  • This hearing agenda item is only about the trails/parks issue. If speakers address the proposed Loud Enterprises/Jackalope project, they will be cut off by the chairman. There is a packed agenda and they will not tolerate anything off-topic, which also includes any other proposed cannabis projects or other aspects of the Cannabis Ordinance.

  • I will be the only speaker who will be representing FOG. Right after I thank the supervisors at the beginning of my talk, I will ask that all present who support a parks designation for the West County and Joe Rodota Trails stand up. Please listen for this cue and be prepared to stand up. They will allow me more time to speak if they see that I speak for many.

  • There is a new security screening process for the chambers, and this will likely slow things down. Go early if you want a seat inside. Don’t bring any metal through the screening area if you can avoid it.

  • There is a sometimes annoying public comment period, which if you have never witnessed it, is a lesson in democracy. You may hear about UFO’s, Hillary Clinton contrails and various conspiracy theories. Bring reading material. Just thank your lucky stars you don’t have to hear it every week as the Board does.

  • If you feel that you have to speak, make it brief and provide the clerk with 8 copies of your presentation for the record.

Thanks for all the support during this two month process. We don’t know how this hearing is going to affect the Graton proposal, so stay tuned for an update when we have any information.

Anna Ransome for Friends of Graton (FOG)