Today is Human Rights Day.

I started this work because I was tortured, because I had to, because I felt that inside me.

– Ka Hsaw Wa, ERI Co-Founder and Executive Director.

Today is Human Rights Day, which commemorates the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This day is more important than ever because protecting the earth has become one of the most dangerous professions. Last year, over 200 people were killed for defending their earth rights.

Around the world, brave activists–earth rights defenders–are protecting their communities’ most precious natural resources from the world’s most powerful governments and corporations.

Earth rights defenders need you.

These activists face corrupt governments and billion-dollar companies, only to be threatened with violence for their activism.

Defenders need your support to ensure their safety and protection in 2019. Together, we can train earth rights defenders around the world, help protect them from threat, and provide access to legal defense and safety.

Please consider making a gift to EarthRights International this holiday season to ensure that defenders can continue their work in 2019 without fear of persecution and harm.



Thank you for being with us!

In Solidarity,

Katie Redford

Co-founder and Director