Sonoma County Coalition for Grassroots Policy to hold vote January 26th

Please note: The voting is on Saturday, January 26 (not Sunday).


In the ongoing aftermath of the November 2016 election, the Democratic Party lingers at a crossroads. Will it be a party of the elite, or will it become the party of the people?

You have an opportunity to help California Democrats chart a new course for the next two years. On January 26th, Assembly District 10 will elect seven men and seven women as delegates to the California Democratic Central Committee, and if you live in AD 10 (if Marc Levine is your member of the Assembly) you can vote for our slate of grassroots candidates with strong progressive principles that reflect the values of “we the people.”

Our slate of candidates is a unique combination of experienced delegates and candidates who haven’t served before, bringing new energy and progressive perspectives to the Democratic Party.

Please come out to vote on Saturday, January 26, for the Progressive Slate.

To work effectively and have a strong voice with the California Democratic Party, it’s important that the slate be elected together.

When:  Saturday, January 26, between 10:00 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.
Candidate speeches
begin at 10:15 a.m.
Registration and voting
take place between 10:45 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.
You may register, vote, and leave; staying though the speeches is not required.
You must be in line no later than 12:45 p.m. to be able to vote.

UA Local 38 Plumbers and Pipefitters Building
3473 Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA. 95407

Your vote for the entire Progressive Slate, listed below, will help advance our progressive principles in the California Democratic Party. We need your help to make this effort successful.

Here is our slate of progressive candidates:


  • Caroline Banuelos
  • Lisa Bennett
  • Ruth Carter
  • Alice Chan
  • Donna Norton
  • Debra Taube
  • Carey Caccavo Wheaton


  • Bob Harmon
  • Perry Lloyd
  • Ralph Miller (also our candidate for Executive Board)
  • Oliver Snow
  • Norman Solomon
  • Jim Wheaton

Any registered Democrat who lives in Assembly District 10 is eligible to vote in this election. If you’re not currently a registered Democrat, you may register at the meeting and vote. AD 10 includes all of Marin County and much of Sonoma County.  If you live in Sonoma County but are unsure which assembly district you’re in, you can check the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters website to find your district.

Here’s what some of our candidates have to say:

Progressive values should not be considered divisive or radical; they are values that are rooted in unity, respect, dignity, and justice. As a Progressive I believe that healthcare is a human right, that climate solutions can be enacted and should be enacted to consider those most impacted, that poverty is not a crime, that access to education, housing, and employment should be available to everyone, and that, ultimately, solutions that lift and liberate the oppressed will lift and liberate us all.” ~ Lisa Bennett

I firmly believe that global climate change is the greatest threat facing the next generation, and as someone whose future will be decided by how today’s leaders react to climate change, I want to do everything in my power to ensure California and the California Democratic Party take the lead on this critical issue.” ~ Oliver Snow

My top priority is combatting the climate crisis. The impact on current and future generations worldwide is profound — and irreversible. We must rapidly pursue clean energy technology and demand, while applying pressure on investment lending banks, and pension investment funds, to end funding for dirty energy development. Another top priority for me is accomplishing implementation of Single-Payer Healthcare in this state. Our current healthcare system is one of the greatest injustices in this country.” ~ Donna Norton

My policy priorities are ENVIRONMENTAL: to continue the progress California has made of reducing greenhouse gases, mandating full renewable energy with short-term goals, banning fracking and offshore oil drilling, and support of a New Green Deal program; HEALTHCARE: work on Medicare-for-all, and/or CA single-payer; VOTING INTEGRITY: repeal of Citizen’s United, banning dark money in politics; IMMIGRATION REFORM and a restoration of humane treatment of refugees seeking our help. ~ Jim Wheaton

Below are just a few of the issues progressive delegates will fight for:

  • Single-Payer Health Care
  • Real climate change actions and an immediate ban on fracking
  • Restoration of the Voting Rights Act, and campaign finance reform
  • Immigration reform: protection and expansion of rights of undocumented residents
  • Criminal justice reform

These are all things we can accomplish by working together in California. We can influence the party platform, have a voice in the endorsement process, and hold Democratic elected officials and candidates accountable.

Please come out and vote for the Progressive Slate on January 26 to strengthen the progressive voice in the California Democratic Party.

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Thank you for your activism and your support,

The Team at Coalition for Grassroots Progress


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