Coastal Action Group: Watch Out – For – Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group

Watch Out – For – Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group

Coast Action Group on Forest “Conservation” Working Group

I went to an issues discussion and organizing meeting for the above mentioned group – that is bent on managing Sonoma County’s forests and wildlands for resiliency.

There is an emphasis in the group to find ways to manage (harvest and/or thin) our already depleted forests.  Monetorizing what is left was offered as a way to bring in funds for management.
(I mentioned that there is not enough forest inventory left to pay for what they want to do).  It does not seem that they are all that interested in habitat or riverine values.  Additionally they would like to be funded with grants from State fuels reduction funds (that is why the easement issue – below- came up).

Conservation is in the name of the group.  They have lost site of that.

They are very interested in streamlining the THP (Timber Harvest Plan)  process – eliminating CEQA for timber harvest (not just fuels management – and – failing to note that there are all kinds of exemptions for fuels management – and THPs are not needed for same). 

There were logging interests there. 

There was also talk of adjusting the upcoming General Plan to place language to facilitate management (like where has management brought us to date? – and – where were these folks the last twenty or thirty years)

Gualala folks – pay attention – this group is going to try and partner with the Watershed Council.

B. Anderson was there.  I inquired as to his interest.  His response was “Forest Thinning !!!!”.  That should raise some concern. 

I am sure this kind of push will occur in our north coast counties.   It would be to be on your toes about these issues.

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