FOG: Friends of Graton Update # 15

FOG: Friends of Graton Update # 15

A Letter to the Editor in the Press Democrat, Friday 12/28/18:

An unhealthy business

EDITOR: For the majority of voters, Proposition 64 was meant to decriminalize marijuana use and possession, not promote a massive new marijuana industry with hundreds of manufacturing operations throughout Sonoma County. Notably, both Napa and Marin counties aren’t following such destructive and ill-conceived policies.

Sonoma County government is complicit in being a promoter of this unhealthy drug business, which endangers residents in multiple ways. One of the many poorly conceived public policy issues is inappropriate land use, including environmental harms.

The majority of voters here are overwhelmingly opposed to large-scale commercial marijuana production facilities placed all over our beautiful lands and next door to our homes. These are drug production sites, many with unsafe electrical wiring, and they’re being placed on narrow winding roads in wildfire-prone lands. These operations, with their noxious fumes, are being allowed in family neighborhoods, some 300 feet from a child’s bedroom.

Only a new team of supervisors can redirect this misguided ship. Hopefully, our 2020 supervisor candidates will recognize that the future of Sonoma County ought not be sold out to a small number of mostly outside drug industry investors with zero interest in our neighborhoods, our environment or our public health and safety.


Santa Rosa

and from the Atlantic Monthly:

Anna Ransome

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