Growing a Napa Progressive Alliance

Keep the momentum going. Groups are set up all over California. Please consider volunteering.

Growing a Napa Progressive Alliance

January 5, 4-6 p.m.
Universal Unitarian Church
1625 Salvador Ave., Napa


Working shoulder to shoulder, we will support the people’s struggles, to organize progressive coalitions, promote new policies, and mobilize all Californians of good will, regardless of party affiliation, who are willing to transform our state.

What Do We Believe?

The California Progressive Alliance (CPA) is a statewide independent volunteer network of progressive individuals, groups, and organizations united by our shared belief that a better California is possible by reclaiming our government from the corporate interests that have overshadowed the voice of the people. Together–regardless of party affiliation or no party affiliation–we seek to (1) elevate progressive ideas throughout the state, (2) promote the creation of local political alliances and people-powered coalitions to enact progressive change in local government, (3) support corporate-free progressive candidates and progressive issue-based electoral campaigns, and (4) wield our collective power to lobby the state legislature on current and future legislation, as well as research and write new model legislation.

We define “progressive” as anything or anyone that has a predilection for the poor, the working class, and for historically marginalized communities, and that works to actively elevate, and not further harm, these communities. This applies to issues, individuals, organizations, legislation, and overall narrative.

We define “corporate-free” candidates as those taking no corporate or business money, including no money from LLCs, LLPs, or small businesses. While we support business and entrepreneurship–especially small independent businesses–and their right to make a decent profit, we believe that money from business accounts should not be a part of our electoral and political process. We strongly denounce corporate PACs and are unwavering in our belief that corporations are not people. At the same time, we maintain that unions and non-corporate PACs are “corporate-free” because they are made up of people fighting for individual rights, protections, and social benefits, rather than for business profits.

Interim Steering Committee
Gayle McLaughlin (Chair)
Parker Mankey (Treasurer)
Marc Bender
Leslie Simon
Lauren Steiner
Ankur Patel
Melanie Liu
Adriel Hampton
Socrates Cruz
Paul Kilkenny (Asst. Treasurer)