Apple Blossom Parade: Dachshunds On Parade 2019

Last year for the Dachshunds on Parade. It’s been a tradition for 25 years. If you have a dachshund and have never done the parade with this great group, you’re missing out. Your cheeks will be sore from all the laughter and joy. Envision 25-35 dachshunds in pirate outfits…..Please contact Nan and have fun in this wonderful community tradition.

The Sebastopol Apple Blossom Parade is Saturday April 13 at 10 am.
The theme this year is “It Takes a Village” which is a difficult theme to work with if you ask me.
We decided to change it to “It takes a Pillage” for the dachshunds and our theme will be “Pirates”.

T-shirt info will be in the email later this week. Meet-up, first practice, brainstorming: Sunday March 10, 4 pm

Analy HS parking lot off High School Rd at Eddy Lane
T-Shirt ordering deadline.
Bring anyone who wants to join us to this meeting, or have them contact me before March 10

707-823-1571 or

T-Shirt handout
, practice &  dress rehearsal, parade order, etc.: Sunday April 7, 4 pm
Analy HS parking lot


Dog costumes are not required, but they make things a lot of fun.


This will be my last year putting this incredible event together for all of us. I have had 25 great years, and I am ready to let someone else run the show. I will be glad to share the lessons I have learned, what works and what doesn’t work with whomever wants to take up the dachshunds leashes for the future.