Indivisible: This March we go on offense in the House

Indivisible: This March we go on offense in the House



Introduction of the most ambitious, inclusive version of Medicare For All yet. A vote to revoke Trump’s fake emergency declaration. Oversight hearings where Democrats showed up and asked the hard questions. 56 days into the new Congress, and we are finally starting to see what offense in the House can look like. Are you ready for more?

Get ready to spring into offense

This isn’t 2017’s Congress anymore — it’s time to harness all of the power you’ve spent two years building to go on offense. That means holding the Trump administration accountable and passing bold legislation that presents a clear alternative to Trump and his Republican enablers’ hateful, greedy agenda.

First up: make the Senate finish the job the House started last week, when they voted to revoke Trump’s fake emergency declaration. And guess what? We. Can. Win. This. One.

Senators Udall and Collins just introduced the bipartisan Senate resolution to revoke the fake emergency. The Senate has to vote on this within the next couple of weeks. We need everyone calling their Senators to make sure Democrats AND Republicans are sending a clear message to Trump, from both chambers of Congress: there is no emergency except the one Trump himself has created. There is a real chance that, for the first time in history, Congress votes to terminate an emergency declared by a president. Although it is unlikely that there will be sufficient votes to override the inevitable veto by Trump, this would still be a landmark win. A historic power grab deserves a historic rebuke. Check out the latest in our resource and call your Senator now (and keep calling).

But that’s just the beginning. Between now and the week of recess, March 16-24, we’ll keep demanding that our House Democrats make the most of their new position on offense. Remember, it’s not like we think the Mitch McConnell-controlled Senate is going to pass our bills (or that Trump will sign them!). It’s about showing up in person and asking your MoCs to support the boldest, most progressive issues that are priorities to us.

That reiterates to your members that we’re not going away, and that we want them with us on the record. The stronger support we build now, the more ready we’ll be to win in 2020 and actually pass legislation in 2021. (A concrete example of building strong support now is getting as many cosponsors on our favorite bills as possible — more below.)


Find everything you’ll need to prepare for this March recess here.

What makes this recess special is that we’re not just focusing on one major issue that our MoCs need to address. There are several bills moving through Congress that we need our MoCs’ commitments on, and we’ve got everything you need below:

→ Pass H.R. 1 to Strengthen our Democracy
→ Revoke the Emergency Declaration
→ Co-sponsor the Green New Deal
→ Co-sponsor the FAMILY Act
→ Co-sponsor the Medicare for All Act
→ Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act
→ Fight Family Separations

→ Repeal the “AUMF” (aka Trump’s blank check for war)

As always, YOU get to decide what to talk to your MoCs about. We’ll let you know each week what the most strategic action is that you can take based on what’s moving on the Hill, but this month is about going big on bold ideas. Start calling, keep calling, and get ready for recess.

Spring into action

Here’s what you can do to get ready for the next few weeks.

  1. Visit our March recess page with everything you’ll need between now and this recess and start taking action. Get up-to-date on all the issues, keep calling your member of Congress and demand that they take action, and start planning your recess events with our toolkit, videos on town hall tactics, and more.
  2. Find your local town hall or event. Are you attending a town hall or looking to attend an event with your local Indivisible group? Keep an eye out on our map as new events pop up and you can find all currently scheduled town halls with members of Congress there (thanks to our friends at Town Hall Project!).
  3. Attend our recess training webinar on March 6 at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT. Find out the best recess tactics, strategize with Indivisibles, and more during this informative recess webinar.
  4. Spring into offense with our brand new shirt designed for you to rock this March recess. This size-inclusive, comfy shirt is also available in black and white and we’ve even made them into stickers!

Help us get out the word on playing offense

Over the next few weeks, we really need to amp up the pressure on Congress on all of our March priorities to send a loud and clear message from home. Whether it’s to support Medicare For All, cosponsor the Green New Deal, or move on the resolution in the Senate to terminate Trump’s fake emergency, the more voices we have calling their members of Congress and showing up to demand action, the better. Right now, we’re running ads in key states to bring more people into the movement, drive more phone calls, and drive recess actions to make this March

the biggest yet. If you can chip in a few dollars to help us get these messages out to more folks across the nation, please click here.

You’ve got everything you need, now let’s get to it.

It’s critical that we show up this recess and hold our MoCs accountable to move key legislation that you care about. Now you have everything you need to take action on the issues moving in the House this month, so get ready for the recess that will set the tone for 2019, 2020, and beyond!

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team