Organic Pest Management Workshp

Developing a management plan for burrowing rodents  in Organic Production
Roger Baldwin, Wildlife Specialist, UC Davis
Living with soilborne pathogens
Tom Gordon, Distinguished Professor of Plant Pathology, UC Davis
9:10 Managing insect pests in vegetable systems (Aphids, Thrips, Stinkbugs, Seedcorn Maggot, Caterpillars)
Rachael Long, UCCE Pest Management Advisor
Cucumber beetle biology and management in organic systems
Amber Vinchesi-Vahl, UCCE Vegetable Crops Advisor
Grafting for heirloom tomato production
Margaret Lloyd, UCCE Small Farms Advisor
Stink bugs: challenging pests in organic systems
Ian Grettenberger, UCCE Specialist in Entomology
2.5 hours DPR credit requested / 3 hours CCA credit requested
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Questions? Contact Margaret Lloyd, Small Farms Advisor,
UCCE Capitol Corridor