Trump’s wall bulldozers have arrived at Texas’ National Butterfly Center

Trump’s wall bulldozers have arrived at Texas’ National Butterfly Center

The entrance to the National Butterfly Center on January 15, 2019, in Mission, Texas. - The protected habitat of butterflies along the Rio Grande is expected to be plowed over to clear the way for President Trump's border wall after the US Supreme Court rebuffed a challenge by environmental groups. (Photo by SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP) (Photo credit should read SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP/Getty Images)

There is not a single positive thing that one can say about the Trump-proposed border wall. It’s not simply a useless symbol of an ultimately self-destructive immigration policy, it’s also an environmentally backward use of our country’s engineering capabilities. Back in December it was reported that the proposed wall would devastate the private, nonprofit National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas. The center includes more than 100 acres of butterfly sanctuary, and Trump’s plan would take around 70 percent of it and stick it on the Mexico side of his stupid wall.

The Butterfly Center was embroiled in a lawsuit against the administration as, they allege, Trump’s henchmen couldn’t even go about taking away people’s land with any competence, showing up unannounced and very likely illegally moving away habitat before securing the legal rights to do so. But that lawsuit and other similar ones have taken a big hit after the conservative-hijacked Supreme Court ruled that Trump and his administration need not pay attention to environmental concerns in the building of their mythical wall.

Now, according to the San Antonio Express-News, the first bulldozers have appeared at the National Butterfly Center. The nonprofit sanctuary posted images of the bulldozers on their Facebook page, saying law enforcement officials came and said that National Butterfly Center officials will have no access to their own land south of the levee.

This has been followed by some of the original stewards of this landmass we now call North America coming in to offer support to the butterfly sanctuary.

Sanctuary officials and supporters have promised legal action.



Some good comments:

The habitat of the butterflies will be destroyed, and the all-night bright lights will destroy the foliage that isn’t bulldozed. It also affects miles east and west of the Butterfly Center.

HERE’S a video from their executive director.

I saw on Twitter that a stay has been requested. I wonder if the gov’t will bother to honor it even if it is granted. Sounds like they’re just going ahead no matter the consequences.

As has been said, the cruelty is the point.

Remember, these are the people who can, and do, readily justify separating kids from parents and having kids die in their custody in the name of this stupid wall.  Everything is up for grabs with them.  Literally everything.  Our only hope is that enough people will spend the time and money needed to stop this.  It’s going to take a whole lot of us, but we have to stop thinking reason will stop them.  It’s time to get dirty and fight.  I will be looking for a place to donate to this sanctuary.  I am 1500 miles away, so going there is not feasible unfortunately. 

Those butterflies are crossing our border illegally to rape and murder our white butterflies and they’re carrying little bags of drugs under their wings.  We’re going to bulldoze the sanctuary the Democrats have made for them.

What is so striking is how often Trump and his administration seem to do destructive things just for the sake of doing them … even when there is nothing for them to gain by doing them.

It just reinforces my impression that Trump is possessed by some unthinking, unconscious primal force … an infantile rage that is consumed by its own self-centeredness — but also its own frustration at its inadequacy and dependence — that has no purpose but to lash out in fury at the world, giving the finger to the rest of reality, and tearing down, tearing down.