Coastal Marathon needs public debate

Please plan to attend the PR meeting on March 31st, 2-4pm Bodega Bay Grange where event promoters will try to sell this to residents. We want full public review and hearings!   

The Coast is Not for Sale!

Please express your concern that the proposed Sonoma Coast Marathon will shut down the Sonoma Coast from Ft. Ross to Bodega Bay on September 29th 2019 and is gliding through a minimal review process without public input.

Thousands of race participants and spectators will block Highway 1, the only route to access or travel along the coast and significantly impact public access and sensitive coastal resources.

Please help save our coast from being commercially exploited by taking these 3 steps.

  1. Send an email ASAP to the local officials listed below (sample email & suggested talking points below)
  1. Attend the very important marathon meeting in Bodega Bay on Sunday March 31st 2-4 pm at the Bodega Bay Grange** 

**This location is fully accessible and has a new sound system for better acoustics.  

  1. Share this information with 10 friends. Remember to include your friends from surrounding and inland areas who care about coastal protection and access to the coast.
  • California Coastal Commission:

Stephanie Rexing:

Jack Ainsworth:

  • Permit Sonoma:
  • Tennis Wick:
  • California State Parks:
  • Terry Bartles:

Mike Lair:

  • Sonoma County Regional Parks:

Bert Whitaker:

Melanie Parker:

  • Sonoma Coast MAC:

Lynda Hopkins:

Brooks Rooney:

Cathy Beck:


Sample Email

The Coast is Not for Sale!

TO: See contacts


I am a resident of (Graton/Sebastopol etc.) who (walks regularly at Salmon Creek beach) (hikes Bodega Head) (enjoys sunsets at the Jenner overlook) etc.


I write to (protest, express concern, ask for more review…) the proposed Sonoma Coast Marathon.


How can anyone justify blocking public access to the State and Regional public beaches and parks along the Sonoma Coast?


The Marathon would shut down Highway 1, the only road access to Bodega Bay, Jenner and all the communities north and south along the Sonoma Coast.


The Marathon would pollute the coast with trash including plastic, stress water and sewer supplies and emergency services and crowds would negatively impact our fragile coast bluffs. 

How do 5,000 – 7,000 race participants who can afford to pay $150 for a full marathon and $120 for a half, plus the thousands of onlookers, take precedence over coastal residents, businesses and the general public?  

I ask the Coastal Commission and County to require a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for this event so that a full review and public comment process can occur. 

It’s the least we can do to enforce our coastal legislation and protect our coastal environment.  

The public must be heard!  

Thank you for consideration.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

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