Friends of Graton Action Alert before April 16th Board of Supervisors meeting

If you are concerned about cannabis grows and facilities in your neighborhood, you’ll want to
attend a Board of Supervisors meeting on April 16, when the board will decide whether to fund
a study to determine the impacts of cannabis on neighborhoods and the environment.
Concerns already have been raised about odors, air quality, neighborhood security, crime, roads
and traffic, fire safety, water availability, concentration of projects, cannabis tourism and
setbacks to residences.

If the Board doesn’t approve funding and staff time for these two issues, cannabis operations

will continue to be approved on a project by project basis without regulations that could protect

our communities and our county’s scenic beauty.

Please write or email the supervisors telling them to include funding and staffing for a study of
the impacts of cannabis on neighborhood compatibility and environmental protection – Phase II
of the Cannabis Ordinance.
All you have to do is ask that Phase II of the Cannabis Ordinance be approved in the planning
department’s 2019-2020 work plan. That’s enough for your emails.
If the Board approves the studies, there will be an opportunity later for the public to weigh in
on what Cannabis Ordinance changes or additions are needed to protect our county and our
Supervisor’s email addresses are below. Please email each Supervisor separately with a cc to
their aide, also listed below. Please send your emails NOW so the supervisors will have your
views before their April 16 meeting. If you want to attend the meeting, please check the
website for the agenda item and time a few days before:
Please also send a copy to Jane Riley, the planner working on the comprehensive work plan. She
will develop the plan based on what the Supervisors ask for.
Thanks for your support.
A. Ransome for Friends of Graton (FOG)
(new email for Supervisor Gore and his aide)