Letters to the editor

Failures in Sebastopol

EDITOR: I have lived in Sebastopol since the early ’70s and I have seen quite a few knucklehead moves, like when the local cemetery misspelled Sebastopol on their marble entrance plaque. This year there have been two whoppers.

Knucklehead of the year: Painted bike lanes on major streets, in some spots eliminating an entire traffic lane. In the months since the bike lanes were installed I have only seen one cyclist use the lane, but every morning I see cars using them on Petaluma Avenue where a lane was deleted and the traffic is still backed up.

Knucklehead of the decade: Whoever approved The Barlow flood plan. They proposed placing barricades around the buildings to prevent flooding. In the demonstration of the system, it took 50 people 10 hours to place them. How often does a flood give you 10 hours’ notice? During the recent flood they were only able to place two barricades and The Barlow flooded.