OpinionLetters: In Vallejo Supervisor Monica Brown: No cement factory

Supervisor Monica Brown: No cement factory

When I saw the Sunday, Feb. 10 advertisement from the Orcem/VMT cement factory in the Times-Herald, I was appalled to see a line in there about Orcem/VMT offering to donate money to the Bay Trail.

Monica Brown

In 2015, Bay Trail staff submitted a comment letter responding to the Orcem/VMT Project Draft EIR. The letter acknowledged that the cement factory would cut off almost a mile of shoreline in south Vallejo. This would stop completion of the Bay Trail in south Vallejo. The Bay Trail staff proposed an alternative route as mitigation. The Bay Trail staff provided an estimated cost of $380,000 to move the trail. Basically, Orcem/VMT wanted to use money to make it acceptable to cut off waterfront access.

When I was informed of this, my office contacted the Bay Trail staff to express my strong opposition to this mitigation. Many Vallejo residents contacted the Bay Trail staff in opposition as well. The Bay Trail staff listened to the people of Vallejo and decided to step away from the proposal to allow Orcem/VMT to essentially pay for cutting off waterfront access. I appreciate the Bay Trail staff listening to the residents.

As the supervisor who represents south Vallejo, I want to take this opportunity reiterate my opposition to the cement factory. I have heard overwhelmingly from my constituents that they do not want the traffic, noise or pollution it will bring. Residents of south Vallejo, Sandy Beach, Glen Cove and many other areas in Vallejo that I represent have expressed to me their opposition to the cement factory. I stand with my constituents in their pursuit of environmental justice. No cement factory in Vallejo.

— Monica Brown/Solano County Supervisor, District 2