PD Letter to the Editor: No MARATHON

What the coast needs

EDITOR: The coastal community has not bought into the marathon. What we need is infrastructure investment: high-speed internet, cell coverage along the entire coast, etc. We already have high impacts from tourism, and locals are left with the aftermath.

Efren Carrillo is pushing a marathon with a closed highway so people can run and beat their personnel best. If he is bored now that he is out of office, there are plenty of things, like infrastructure upgrades, that his influence and charm can help with.

To the marathon runners who need exercise, I have beaches you can clean.

The rains and fires have come, and let us not forget the shaking ground that is soon to come. Money spent on rescuing the tourists from themselves could go to provide emergency services for locals.

I implore county and state agencies to realize that our roads are for transportation, not events. The timeline they want the road closed is unreasonable.