Rural Home Alliance: GSA Groundwater meeting notes

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This is a new group focusing on the proposed fees for the GSA

I attended my second meeting of the Santa Rosa Plains Groundwater Sustainability Agency.  The presentation left me with more questions then answers. The flat fee for rural home owners is derived from guessing how much we use per day(465 gal.), where they got these figures I am investigating.  The numbers are much higher than what is used so we look like we are 25% of the usage..compared to vineyards at 35%. There was some interesting questions brought up in the open mike..such as what are they doing with wineries that transport our water to other parts of Ca.? And one well close to Sebastopol is being “mined” by trucks bottling it and selling it. Many questions with the answer” that they don’t have that part of the plan developed, yet.2 years and 3 million dollars now they need more.   Next meeting is Wed. in Rohnert Park  the City Chambers 6-8.I strongly urge you to show up.  if you want petitions to print out let me know and i will send you pdf.  Let your neighbors know..This should be illegal, but they have received eminent domain..they can do anything they want on your property..and we didn’t even get a vote on it  

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Lets keep them from stealing our water!
S. Bahl
Rural Homeowners Alliance