April 11, 1pm Show up for the well fees meeting at 35 Stony Point, Santa Rosa

From Rural Homeowners Alliance:

Dear Stewards and neighbors,

 Their is a very small chance, if enough people show up for this meeting April 11th at 1:00  Utilities Offices 35 Stony Point Santa Rosa,CA 95472  to protest this fee that will be applied to our property tax, the Santa Rosa Plains Groundwater Sustainability Agency could vote against it.  It is a very small chance.

There’s is much media hype that has gone into this. Some people are being lead to believe that this is a good thing, because then vineyards,wineries,developers will have to pay their fair share, but that is not the case. That is not the plan..  What will most likely happen is by the end of the year you will see a fee of 12  dollars applied to your property tax.  In two years that will be increased…..this is just to get the mandatory sign-up of all wells . Dangling the fish hook, so you comply….then they will tell  us that there needs to be more wells, and more water pumped because Santa Rosa Basin has many more things to do with our water. Build housing developments, put in new vineyards, and of course they have to pay for the employees that will be coming out to monitor your wells and charge you for your water…..So the fee goes to 100 dollars a year, or more depending on the projects…..they have already already have spent  3 million with no meters set up for vineyards and industrial agriculture

      Bring your petitions, send someone in your place, call Linda Hopkins and Shirley Zane!  You can make a difference! But we need to organize. First step is to get those that “may” have vested interest off the board. And demand that at least two voting seats are held by those supporting rural homeowners and small food producers.  And two positions on the advisory committee. Lets organize to protect out common good!.


 protecting our public trusts


Rural Homeowners Alliance