Green New Deal Town Halls

Green New Deal:  

Our movement has changed what’s possible around climate solutions in our country.  We put the Green New Deal on the map and our momentum is surging.  More than 100 Members of Congress have backed the Green New Deal, nearly all major Democratic Presidential hopefuls are onboard, and the Green New Deal is one of the top issues on the political agenda daily.

However, we know that the key to winning this fight isn’t in Washington DC.  It’s in our communities. It’s in the hearts and minds of the American people and the resolve we show to making the Green New Deal a reality.

In April and May 2019, we’re building a groundswell of support for the Green New Deal in every corner of this country. We’ll calling on everyone to host a Green New Deal Town Hall in their community. We’ll gather in libraries, university campuses, churches, and living rooms to learn about the ambition, prosperity, and promise of a Green New Deal, hear from political and community leaders, and discuss the pathway to make the Green New Deal become reality. We’ll elevate the stories of people who stand to benefit from the Green New Deal and help everyone understand that the GND isn’t about taking away cows or cars; it’s about building things up and investing in the American people.

The Sunrise Movement is rallying support for the GND across the country with its first Green New Deal Tour. The tour launches on April 19, in Boston. It will continue through mid-May with stops in Detroit; Des Moines, Iowa; Chico, Calif.; Los Angeles; San Antonio, Texas;  New Orleans; Lexington, Ky.; and Washington, DC.

RSVP here to attend a GND Tour near you.

Don’t live near one of the tour stops? The Sunrise Movement is asking people to attend or host a GND Town Hall in their own community. More than 100 GND Town Halls have already been organized, in community churches, classrooms and union halls, in cities and towns, large and small.

Find a GND Town Hall near you. Or sign up to host a GND Town Hall in your community, and the Sunrise Movement will send you a toolkit to make it easy.

Planning to attend a tour or town hall? Or host a town hall of your own? Please use this form to let us know. And please download this fact sheet to distribute at the event.

OCA and Regeneration International are working closely with the Sunrise Movement to promote the GND because, frankly, we believe it’s our best hope for rapid and comprehensive food, farming and climate policy change.

The GND Resolution calls for clean air and water, and access to healthy food and climate- and community-resiliency. It also calls for working “collaboratively with farmers and ranchers in the United States to remove pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector . . . by supporting family farming; by investing in sustainable farming and land-use practices that increase soil health; and by building a more sustainable food system that ensures universal access to healthy food.”

As you might imagine, Monsanto and the giant factory farm meat producers hate the GND. Because it spells the end of corporate monopolies, GMOs and factory farms.

You can bet that giant agribusiness corporations—the ones that pollute your water and produce Roundup weedkiller-contaminated junk food—are going to pull out all the stops to kill this powerful movement to clean up the environment, clean up our food, support good farming practices, and reverse global warming.

The only way we’ll win this, is if we mobilize millions of people, from every region in the country, from every background.

The only way we win this is if people like you help spread the word about how healthy soil is our best hope for healthy food and a healthy ecosystem.

The GND offers an unprecedented opportunity to finally unite the environmental, climate, food, labor and economic justice activists around one platform that offers solutions for the multiple crises we face.

Our job—and we need your help!—is to make sure that the final version of the GND includes policies and programs designed to scale up organic regenerative farming, in addition to policies and programs geared toward alternative energy solutions.

Can you attend or host a Green New Deal Town Hall in your community?

If you live in one of these cities, can you participate in the Green New Deal Tour?

Please use this form to let us know about your plans. And please download this fact sheet to distribute at the event.

Let’s all get on this train. And keep it moving in the right direction.