Sonoma County Cannabis Advisory Group Agenda Meeting Date: April 24, 2019, 3pm

Sonoma County Cannabis Advisory Group Agenda
Meeting Date:
April 24, 2019
LOCATION:  Permit Sonoma Hearing Room
, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95403
3:00 p.m. Call to Order
Item #1-
Staff Updates
1.   Staff Presentations
2.   Questions for Staff
3.   Public Comment
4.   Advisory Group Discussion and Recommendations
Item #2-
Sub Group Reports and Discussion
1.   Sub Group Reports
2.   Questions
3.   Public Comment
4.   Advisory Group Discussion and Recommendations
Public Comment
for Items Not on the Agenda
Open Meetings:
Except as expressly authorized under the Ralph M. Brown Act (the State’s local agency open meeting law), all meetings of the Cannabis Advisory Group are open to attendance by interested members of the public.
Public Comments:
  Any member of the public may address the Group during the designated periods noted in the agenda. may
  There are Speaker Request forms provided; if you wish to comment, please fill one out and submit it
to staff prior to the start of the meeting.
  Please note that Group members are unable to answer questions or respond to
comments but you may speak to Group members after the meeting.
If you wish to speak to a specific topic listed in the provided Agenda, please limit your
comments to that specific topic under discussion by the Group.
  When filling out the Public Speaker Request form, check the appropriate box listed;
if the topic you wish to comment on is in Item #1 of the Agenda, check the Item #1 box, and
so on.
Disabled Accommodation
: To Request an Accommodation: If you have a disability and
require a sign language interpreter, assistive listening device, material in an alternate format, or
other accommodation to attend, please contact Ms. Melody Richitelli
at (707) 565-1925 at least 72 hours prior to the meeting in order to facilitate arrangements for accommodation.
Public Transit Access to Permit Sonoma,
Santa Rosa CA
County Transit: Routes 20,
30, 44, 48, 54, 57, 60, 62; San
ta Rosa City Bus Route 1
, 7, 19
Golden Gate Transit: Route 80. (707) 543-
3333.  Transit Information: (707) 576
-RIDE or 1