AGAIN: Trump’s Virginia Winery Hired Undocumented Workers

Once again, Trump properties busted for undocumented workers….hypocrite in chief…..

Trump’s Virginia Winery Hired Undocumented Workers


Seven employees at Donald Trump’s Virginia winery told Univision that they are undocumented. The Charlottesville, Virginia, winery produces 40,000 cases a year, a feat one migrant, who was not identified for fear of retribution, said was made possible due to long hours and little pay.

In an interview around the heavily guarded vineyard, the migrant told Univision he was hired with a fake Social Security card over

Cage the immigrants, unless they work for us….

five years ago. Not once, he said, did his employers check the authenticity of his documentation. “They’ve never once asked me for anything, or else I wouldn’t be here,” he said. Another worker said the Trump Organization is fully aware of their immigration status.

“They know you are undocumented, because if you look at the Social Security papers that we give them, they’re fake,” the undocumented worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “The process is simple. They give you your application, and they find a way for you to complete it.”