Our Local Coastal Plan & the new Coastal Commissioner

This is a positive move at the California Coastal Commission which has been plagued for years with conflicts of interest. This portends well for their review of our county’s Local Coastal Plan and the Trumps administrations drilling plans for our coast. 

“Congratulations to my friend and colleague Linda Escalante, NRDC’s Southern California Legislative Director, for being appointed to the California Coastal Commission by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. Linda has been standing up for clean water, clean air and environmental justice for over a decade. As an alternate Commissioner, appointed by former CA Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Le??n, for the past year, she has been a standout bridge builder and has a clear vision of the next era of coastal protection.”



Commissioner Escalante replaces outgoing Commissioner Mark Vargas.


Linda Escalante

Southern California Legislative Director

As NRDC’s Southern California legislative director, Linda Escalante promotes strong relationships with state and local elected officials, partner organizations, coalitions, and other stakeholders. These collaborations advance the protection of public health and the environment in areas such as zero waste, water supply and quality, clean energy, climate change, oceans, toxic chemicals, endangered species, among many others.

Escalante is a renowned environmental expert in the U.S-based Spanish language—empowering and mobilizing Latinos to engage in advocacy and activism around environmental and health issues. She has been bestowed the Latina Magazine New Generation Award and named among PODER Magazine’s 100 U.S. Green Latino Leaders. Escalante, who is also passionate about civil, immigrant, and women’s rights, has served as a board member of a worker wellness and healthcare access organization. She holds a bachelor’s in biology from the University of California, Los Angeles and prior to joining NRDC in 2005, Escalante worked for the UCLA/RAND Program on Latino Children with Asthma and Allies Against Asthma in Puerto Rico. Escalante was appointed to the California Coastal Commission as an alternate commissioner in 2018. She is based in NRDC’s Santa Monica office.