Roblar Quarry…it’s back! Important meeting May 14th

May 14, 2019 meeting to consider proposed modifications by Roblar Road Quarry to its current use permit

From MOAG: Recall the Roblar Quarry and the Conditions of Approval that were applied to its approval when it was first approved.  (This is the quarry where they requested to use open space to offset an impact.)  One of the changes now requested is to re-route a stream.  Attached is the CARRQ letter that was sent to the Board regarding the Quarry today.

It had been scheduled to go before the Board on May 14th.  Blake Hillegas, the Planner, responded that they intend to change the Board’s meeting to consider this to June 13 – but the notice hasn’t gone out yet.

Some of you will remember the great training that attorney Michael Molland provided to MOAG a few years back.  He is the attorney of record on this item.

Please consider putting this on your calendar and/or writing a letter in support of CARRQ (some of you can adapt letters you submitted last round).  This does feel like another time where an applicant is whittling away at constraints that would not have been approved before.
Feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be interested.  Thanks very much Everyone.