SB 69 Ocean and River Protections

Please contact Alan if you’d like to work on this important legislation. 

SB 69 Ocean and River Protections

Hello forest and river advocates,

SB 69 provides significant protections for river, forest,  and ocean
resources.  The Bill has (surprisingly) made it thru several hurdles
in the Senate.

The bill has serious opposition from the timber industry, Ag, and her
pollutant dischargers.

If the Bill is to move forward – we need to think about organizing
support (especially if it makes it to the Assembly – where opposition
will be gunning for it).

Please – your thoughts on how we should approach this.

This is probably the last chance for stream protections (in areas of
anadromy) on timber harvest plans – that we have been working on for
almost 30 years.

Here is the bill SB 69



Alan Levine
Coast Action Group