Sierra Club: Vallejo Orcem cement factory: Project Dead in the Water?

Vallejo Orcem/VMT Project Dead in the Water?

On May 30, the City of Vallejo will hold a hearing and vote on the status of the VMT/Orcem cement factory and deep water port project. According to published reports, the company has failed to complete paperwork and deal with monetary issues to the city’s satisfaction. City staff maintains that VMT has abandoned the project.

Interestingly, Vallejo Marine Terminal (VMT), the deep water port proposal, is the organization that has standing with the city. The Orcem cement factory is a tenant of VMT and only needs to provide adequate information about its project to ensure the project is in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  There is no legal relationship with the city.

The Vallejo Planning Commission rejected the Orcem/VMT project in 2017, and the company appealed to the City Council. Residents have been vocal in their opposition to the project, saying it will add terrible noise and air pollution to the area, which includes an elementary school and a residential neighborhood. Sierra Club has opposed the project, agreeing that it will increase pollution and also that the marine terminal would open the door for shipping and processing coal.

City staff intends to dismiss the project due to the applicant’s erratic responses. Sierra Club endorses the city staff’s efforts to hold the applicant responsible for its poor faith and lack of action on this project.



Solano Group has been an ardent opponent of the proposed “green” cement plant slated for South Vallejo. Citing problems with air and noise pollution on top of being proposed in a residential neighborhood close to an elementary school, a park and many homes, Group leaders are helping to build a case outlining why this is a very bad idea.

So far, the Vallejo City Council has supported the project, while many in the community, the Planning Commission and City staff have opposed it. Sierra Club continues to sound the alarm, calling the project the worst kind of environmental injustice and the absolute wrong project for this time and place.

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