Sonoma County Farm Bureau publishes list of “animal activists”

Sonoma County Farm Bureau E-News
If you have specific concerns:
Please contact Sonoma County Farm Bureau, Executive Director, Tawny Tesconi at OR on her cell at 707.480.6947
Animal rights protests organized by groups like the activist group Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) have and continue to happen in Sonoma County and across the nation.
In addition to protesting, DXE members use other tactics to oppose animal agriculture. 
Please be aware that animal rights activists sometimes pose as job applicants for agricultural jobs in order to gain access to agricultural operations. 
Click the link below to view a list of known activists who would potentially use this tactic. Use the list, provided by the Animal Agriculture Alliance, to cross reference any potential new employees.
Upcoming Activist Events to be Aware of
Heightened Animal Rights Activity Possible
Justice for Animals- 
May Day of Action
May 24- May 25, 2019
Activists will protest outside of police stations and will march to grocery stores to hold “Crime Scene” tape in front of the butcher counter. Please be aware that there may be a uptick in local animal rights protests and activity as a result of this Day of Action.
Animal Liberation Conference 2019
May 29-June 4, 2019
At various location around UC Berkeley campus activists will gather for the Animal Liberation Conference, which is the largest grassroots animal rights conference in the world. Attendees will learn about open rescue, bearing witness, disruption and community organizing.
Be on alert during this time for potential trespassing and protest activities.
So far, there is no information available regarding planned activities in our general vicinity, but all members of our agricultural community are encouraged to exercise extra vigilance during this time. 
We strongly encourage our members to:
  • Review any activist action plans, secure buildings, repair any downed fences and ensure “No Trespass” signage is appropriately displayed.
  • Report any suspicious activities to Sonoma County Sheriffs’ Department, Sonoma County Farm Bureau and your neighbors. Do not hesitate to contact law enforcement – no concern is too small or insignificant.
  • If you are contacted by anti-agriculture activists, avoid confrontation; instead lock-down your facility to protect your operation and contact law enforcement immediately.
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