Friends of Graton (FOG) Cannabis Update

Friends of Graton (FOG) Cannabis Update

The 2019 Permit Sonoma Work Plan will be on the afternoon agenda of the Board of Supervisors this Tuesday 6/4 starting at 2 pm. The agenda item can be viewed here: Board of Supervisors 2019 Permit Sonoma Work Plan. The item includes Phase II of the Cannabis Ordinance which is to address Neighborhood Compatibility.

For those interested in the Cannabis Ordinance process, I have attached the latest update from the Cannabis Advisory Committee (CAG). Tim Ricard, the County Cannabis Manager has resigned and Jennifer Barrett, the Deputy Director of Planning, has retired. As it stands, the new routing of cannabis projects will be as follows:


For project-specific questions – contact the planner assigned to the project. The planner will be noted on all cannabis applications.

For questions about scheduling of hearings on cannabis project, contact Traci Tesconi and the assigned planner.

For broader questions, contact Milan Nevajda, the new Deputy Director of Planning or Traci Tesconi.

If you have concerns about a specific project or want to know when a hearing will be scheduled, please see Permit Sonoma website for their contact information.

The appeal for the Purvine Cannabis application that was approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustments (in spite of widespread opposition) is scheduled for Friday, July 19. Time to be announced at a later date.

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