Napa Vision 2050: Eyes on Napa: Taking Climate Change Seriously

Eyes on Napa: Taking Climate Change Seriously

parks, or more vineyards?

This issue of EON looks at two county documents.
One offers protection, renewal and more public lands. 
The other is business as usual, controlled by big wine. 

Imagine: Napa County has the funds to acquire lands into parks and open space which protect our municipal watersheds, ensure wildlife habitat through the preservation of wildlife corridors, and restore the rich biodiversity of our county.

Imagine: School children have educational opportunities on site in the natural world, that bike trails web extensively throughout our county, and parks are accessible to all ages.

Renewal, the Napa Regional Park and Open Space’s update to their 2008 Master Plan, is one of the few county documents that smartly and substantially addresses climate change with real, do-able projects. 

For this important reason we support a funding measure for the District to expand its reach. The document outlines three possible scenarios. Please take a moment read them and send a letter of support to Napa Open Space District Board of Directors, 1195 Third Street, 2nd Floor, Napa, CA 94559. Consider joining us in making public comment at the July 8 meeting, 2 pm, in the Board of Supervisors chambers.

Preserving and restoring our natural landscapes is our hope of resilience as we face an uncertain climate future. This update is exceptional in that it considers our future generations and recognizes the importance of getting our population out into the beauty and healing of nature. 

Read the update to Renewal here. Read more about this plan here. Scroll down to “But we can’t just leave it to the kids! Participate in Updating the Draft of the Napa Open Space District Master Plan”

When reading Renewal, consider the District’s three questions below:

Do you like what we’ve done?
Have we done enough, or is there more to do?
If there’s more to do, what is most important
and how do we pay for it? 

Learn more about Napa’s Open Space District in general here.

And then, there’s Business as Usual
So, the wine industry neutralized any real impact of a draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) presented to the Planning Commission– but it’s not over. The time to comment has been extended to July 7, 2019.  Email your comments to:

Learn more in our past issue of EON here. It includes links to the documents.