The Earth Song Team

The Earth Song Team: we can protect 500,000 acres in the rainforest


Calling all Earth Lovers! We’re thrilled to reach out to you when there are tangible opportunities to make a real difference for our planet.

Today, we have the opportunity to protect half a million acres of the Amazon rainforest from oil extraction (you know, the Lungs of the Earth, a rainforest that provides the oxygen for one out of every five breaths we take!) and set a historic precedent for indigenous rights. All you have to do is follow this link and sign the petition. As the Earth’s second largest carbon sink and a forest that regulates weather patterns as far away as the US and Canada, keeping the Amazon rainforest standing is critical to solving the climate crisis— I mean, it gives us our air and our water!

So what’s going on? Maybe you’ve seen it in the news or on social media, but the Waorani indigenous people, legendary warriors from the Ecuadorian Amazon, have sued the Ecuadorian government for trying to auction their ancestral lands to the oil industry without their permission. They’ve said “Enough is enough, our lands are not for sale!” And on April 26th, they won! They beat the government in court— protecting their forest and their rights! But now Ecuador’s government is appealing the verdict, so the Waorani will be facing off with this pro-oil government again on July 1st.

We have 3 days to show the courts that the world is watching the outcome of this trial and that the world cares about what happens to the Waorani and the Amazon. Please, sign the petition and then share it with your friends to help us get to 500,000 signatures (one for every acre at stake). The Waorani are counting on us to stand with them to protect the Amazon and our climate. Who wouldn’t join them– they’re bad*ss and they’re defending our planet’s most important rainforest! 

Let’s do this!
The Earth Song Team

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