Climate Mobilization, what you can do.“Climate Change is not just another issue in this complicated world of
proliferating issues. It is the issue that, unchecked, will swamp all other issues.” 

– Ross Gelbspan in The Heat Is On

Thanks for endorsing the campaign for a Climate Emergency Declaration. With the declaration introduced today, we’re one step closer to winning!

Now is our moment  to make sure our Representatives know that we want them to support this. Please help amplify these calls to action:
Social Media Toolkit including posts, a template email blast & links to graphics
Key action links are:
We encourage you to focus on just 1-2 calls to action that you think will resonate with your audience or members.
SIGN UP HERE as an official endorser of the Declaration ( note that this is separate from endorsing the campaign.)Doing so will help members of Congress line up additional cosponsors.
AND PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME if you want more details on how to visit a U.S. Representative in your area – you can also sign up directly at
I’m happy to brainstorm more with you about how to engage your organization’s members in this campaign.
With gratitude,
Rebecca Harris

Organizing Director

The Climate Mobilization