Join Us July 13th for the 28th Annual Grassroots Gala!

Advance our quality of life and protect the beauty and natural resources of Sonoma County for all generations through grassroots political action and education.

Through education and grassroots organizing, Conservation Action engages with the public on environmental issues and policies that affect Sonoma County, influencing the way our area will be shaped for years to come.

Pollinate the Future!

Keynote Speaker

“Environmentalism in the Age of Trump”, as he works to protect our oceans and lands from oil drilling, and to combat climate change.

Congressman Jared Huffman


We live in a time of climate change and Donald Trump, but we are not defined by it. Sonoma County is a beautiful and remarkable place. The best opportunities for change are right here, protecting our fragile ecosystems and keeping a diverse community. Sonoma County faces threats of ecological damage, consequences of climate change and social inequity. We must strengthen our hard-won environmental protections for the benefit of EVERYONE.
Help us continue to carry the torch, leading the essential Toxic Free Future work,
building collaborative relationships, and electing officials to help us protect this land
for future generations.