WE WON!!! Coastal Commision stops USFWS Poison Drop on Farallones

Cea Higgins, Coastwalk executive director lead the charge to inform the public and garner support. We thank you for all your hard work. Plese consider donating to this wonderful organization: https://coastwalk.org
Dear Colleagues
After several hours of deliberation and testimony at today’s Coastal Commission hearing to determine Federal Consistency for the USFWS mouse eradication project -USFWS pulled their  application for their poison drop on the Farallones because of their clearly perceived lack of supportive votes from Coastal Commissioners….so we won, at least for now. Considering that Coastal Commission staff supported the project and recommended approval-this was a hard fought victory that would not have occurred without all of your support, comments, and coordinated voices of opposition..
Gratitude as deep as the ocean,
Cea Higgins, Executive Director Coastwalk.

Cea Higgins
Executive Director